Enhance the Security of Your School or Business

Invest in high-quality forced entry films for your windows and glass doors

Replacing windows and glass doors can be costly. If you want to boost the safety and security of your school without breaking the bank, turn to Abilene Glass & Mirror. Our forced entry films can be added to your already existing windows and glass doors quickly and easily.

Forced entry film can even help your windows stand up to high winds and damage from accidents. To learn more, reach out to us now.

Discover the benefits of window forced entry films

There are many benefits to investing in intrusion protection for your school windows. Adding forced entry films to your windows and glass doors can:

  • Reinforce weak entry points and deter potential intruders
  • Provide extra response time in an emergency
  • Prevent glass from fragmenting into dangerous shards when broken

Want to know more about the safety glass enhancement and forced entry film application services we offer? Contact us today, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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